My name is Yasmeen.18. Canada. I love to act, therefore I love theater and movies(HarryPotter, LordOfTheRings, PiratesOfTheCarribean, Rent, Disney, TItanic) I'm working on trying to be okay and happy but for now it's just a performance. The thing I want most in life is to find happiness and to finally be happy
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Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.

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just because you’re blood related doesn’t mean they automatically deserve your forgiveness even if they’ve treated you like shit. family doesn’t mean anything if you’re not gonna value it.






It’s you. It’ll be you when you piss me off and make me want to scream until my throat is sore. It’ll be you when I’m drunk and don’t remember where I am. It’ll be you when I’m 80 and my hair is gray. It is always going to be you. You are it for me. You are the one. You are the only one.

I like her,
She looks evil,
And I want to make her scream my name.

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If I knew its gonna hurt this much, I wish I never laid my eyes on him.

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