My name is Yasmeen.19. Canada. I love to act, therefore I love theater and movies(HarryPotter, LordOfTheRings, PiratesOfTheCarribean, Rent, Disney, TItanic) I'm working on trying to be okay and happy but for now it's just a performance. The thing I want most in life is to find happiness and to finally be happy
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Anonymous asked
Who do you want to kiss

Someone I can’t

One day you’re going to realize that pushing me away was the worst thing you could have ever done. Not to me, but to yourself. And you’re gonna see that if you just tried a little harder it would have been a hell of a lot easier than giving up and moving on because I would never do to you, what you did to me.

Things I wish I could tell you (via latelycravingmore)

Anonymous asked
Text him? What do you think about?

if he misses me he would text me, he said so himself so he clearly doesn’t. mostly negative stuff, nothing good ever comes from thinking at night 


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